Isolation is a trap

Anger, frustrations, fear, loss and past disappointments can lead to depression and isolation. I have had to pray, talk and encourage myself many times out of the cave of depression, grief, isolation and disappointments from other people’s treatment and loss of my son. Active fellowship and positive communication are keys to your mental and emotional health.  Living and serving in my purpose has been so helpful in pulling me out of my cave.
Loneliness and isolation are dangerous. It can be addicting. Once you get used to how peaceful it is, you begin to dread and avoid dealing with people anymore. When you get upset, it is a set up for depression and isolation.
Even though you may lose trust in people, have been hurt by people, experienced loss (e.g. death, job or divorce) or simply tired from the drama some people bring… do not fall into the pit of isolation.
Believe that there are still good people who can enrich your life. And believe there are people who will benefit from knowing you. Begin to believe in new beginnings, new opportunities and new possibilities.
To seek help and support is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. It is not good for your emotional, spiritual or mental health to be alone. Pray for discernment and the courage to let love and social connections into your life.”
~ by Jewel Diamond Taylor, aka “The Self-esteem Dr., Founder of Women on the Grow, author, wife, mother, entrepreneur, leadership trainer, minister of God’s love, conference keynote speaker and popular life coach and counselor for women. Thought for the day number is 323.964.1523.
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