Meet Jewel Diamond Taylor (bio)

Touching the world with love, wisdom, encouragement and soul.

Jewel is a conference keynote speaker, an emotional wellness educator, a women’s life coach, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, spiritual faith builder and author. Taylor, aka “The Self-esteem Dr.” resides in Southern California travels nationally and internationally to speak to audiences (e.g. campus, conference, church, corporation). Radio and TV appearances.

Jewel Diamond Taylor is a change agent and force for good as a SOULdier inspiring people with her books, life coaching and speaking engagements, actionable, practical and cutting edge steps to lead their lives with productivity, resiliency, faith, purpose, courage and wellness by transforming their thinking.. She is a woman who leaves a little sparkle of love, hope and empowerment whenever she speaks. Her cutting edge messages enriches lives as she shares her pearls of wisdom from her eight (8) popular books, leadership programs, success coaching, retreats and conferences.

Since the mid 80’s Jewel has empowered countless women to; tap into their own radiance, broaden their network, heal emotional wounds, and transform their grief, depression, low self-esteem, procrastination and fears into lives full of purpose, success, faith, service, abundance and social activism.

As an in-demand international personal and professional development conference speaker and the Founder of Women on the Grow, Jewel recently returned from successfully hosting her first international Women on the Grow Leadership Conference in South Africa to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Jewel Diamond Taylor inspires others to transform their;

To book this speaker for your event call 323.964.1736 or email –

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