excerpt from Jewel’s book “Shift Happens.”

   excerpt from Jewel’s book “Shift Happens.”      “You have some priorities and tasks that need your attention and action.  Distractions and doubt are so destructive to your peace and progress.      Focus, focus, focus!  Even when SHIFT happens…adapt and be flexible…don’t give up.  Let nothing or no one catch you off guard,Continue reading “excerpt from Jewel’s book “Shift Happens.””

Travel to South Africa with Jewel

SO EXCITED AND HONORED…it’s been confirmed I will be speaking South Africa. The month of August is “Women’s Month” in South Africa.  I will be going to speak for women’s empowerment issues and serve (e.g. churches, women’s shelters, schools) in three major cities including Capetown and Johannesburg in August 2017.  I’m praising God right nowContinue reading “Travel to South Africa with Jewel”

Great Tips from a Recovering Procrastinator

I am Jewel Diamond Taylor.  I am a recovering procrastinator. Sadly, I admit I have lost money, time, opportunities, sleep and peace of mind from the terrible habit of avoiding important tasks.  I am not totally recovered.  However, gladly, I have seen so much progress and gained some self-respect, effectiveness, progress and peace of mindContinue reading “Great Tips from a Recovering Procrastinator”

12 Things to Know About Toxic People

You’re can become emotionally and/or physically sick from their drama.  2. Toxic people can cause you to feel bad or ashamed of yourself. 3.  You can become their closest target for their anger. They play the victim role. A conversation or simple disagreement can escalate into a huge breakdown or argument. 4. They attack or blame you when youContinue reading “12 Things to Know About Toxic People”