12 Things to Know About Toxic People

  1. You’re can become emotionally and/or physically sick from their drama.

 2. Toxic people can cause you to feel bad or ashamed of yourself.

3.  You can become their closest target for their anger. They play the victim role. A conversation or simple disagreement can escalate into a huge breakdown or argument.

4. They attack or blame you when you speak up for yourself.  You always feel like you’re walking on eggshells trying to avoid an argument or sh*t storm.

5.  Toxic people don’t show you respect. They never inquire about your feelings.

6. They are narcissistic. 

7. They will scream, cuss and fuss to make you feel like a child, stupid or incompetent.

 8. You can get stuck in a cycle of trying to fix, rescue, care for them or calm them down.

9.  You start to fear or dread being around them.

 10. They can suck all the oxygen out the room leaving you feeling dizzy, stressed and sick.

11. You feel exhausted like a vacuum cleaner that sucks out all of your joy, peace and faith.

12. Toxic people are controlling, territorial, judgmental, arrogant, selfish, ungrateful and have a need to be always right.  Your opinion, perspective, pain or happiness is not considered.

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One response to “12 Things to Know About Toxic People”

  1. Thanks, Jewel… PLZ Pray for me, This is how my marriage had been since 2010′, talking to my husband sensibly hasn’t helped us… Weekly, I have been going to stay across town with an elderly woman and going to the Chapel ( hosp) to pray. I do suffer in silence. My two Pastors are fully AWARE of what he is like. I Stay/Sleep in another room when I am at home. I do have A weekly food ministry that I Work and A Volunteer Charity job. I’m working in the Nooks and crannies my Tyra Beauty Business so, I can earn some extra money soon! My husband is retired just only getting partial Cld, as he pays all of our bills of course. I’m living off of $100.00 that he puts in my bank….. Please Pray for me… Much Love- Wife in Portland….

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