Living through the seasons called “hard, scary and painful”

Am I ready to retire? Should I move to another city? Should I stay at this unfulfilling job or stay in this abusive relationship? Should I travel? Should I stop allowing my friend to disrespect me? Should I write my book? Should I keep loaning money to people? Should I take that class? Should IContinue reading “Living through the seasons called “hard, scary and painful””

Shampoo Your Mind

  WHO or WHAT do you need to wash out of your mind (e.g. hurt, trauma, disappointment, betrayal, a bad relationship, poor past choices, shame, guilt, feeling unworthy, anger, worry, negative thinking, illusions, fears, addictions, procrastination, depression)?  Be sure to get some “spiritual leave-in conditioner” for a healthy mindset to detangle your thinking, heal yourContinue reading “Shampoo Your Mind”

12 Awesome Self-Care Prescriptions

1. Stop over-thinking. You will never have all the answers to all of life’s issues and mysteries.  You cannot fix everyone and everything.  Remember you can not pour into someone else’s life if you are empty, sick, tired, financially burdened, sad and overwhelmed.  If you have the responsibility of parenting, care giving for the sickContinue reading “12 Awesome Self-Care Prescriptions”