Upcoming Speaking Engagements


March 15 – Sunday Flow (postponed until April)

March 28North County African American Women’s Conference, Carlsbad, CA

April 25 – New Testament Christian Women’s Conference, Los Angeles

May 2 – Eastern Star HAT-i-tude Luncheon, Los Angeles, CA

May 9 – Pre-Mother’s Day Gospel Brunch – Oakland, CA

July 9-10 Malibu reTREAT click here to register

October 16 – City of Carson Women’s Health Conference

For information about any of the events or to invite Jewel Diamond Taylor to speak for your conference, retreat, church, or campus call 323.964.1736 or email JewelMotivates@gmail.com

Click here to inquire about speaker availability for your conference, retreat, campus, or church.

Published by Jewel Diamond Taylor

Inspirational Speaker, Author, Life Coach, "The Self-esteem Dr.", cutting edge leading female conference and women's retreat speaker

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Speaking Engagements

  1. When will you be speaking in Chicago or nearby midwestern city.
    We need you too in the Heartland
    Theresa Love Wayne

    1. Thank you so much Theresa for your inquiry. It has been a while since I’ve spoken in the Chicago area. The closest I will be soon is speaking in Des Moines, Iowa for a women’s conference May 4-5, 2018. If you know of any churches or conferences in your area that I could connect with…let me know.

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