There is no “APP” to download this …

 Even though our society enjoys the benefits of technology, fast food, Amazon, Netflix, emails, smartphones and same day dry cleaning…these conveniences have affected our ability to be patient.  We live expecting, craving and even demanding instant gratification. There is no APP in the digital world to replace the long process of building relationships or buildingContinue reading “There is no “APP” to download this …”

Be Aware – 50 signs of stress

All your times of seeing trauma, abuse, racism, harassment, rescuing and helping others, juggling your own daily demands/drama, job, family, bills, health, and stress, watching constant news cycle on TV or facebook and disregarding my your health…can cause things to started crashing down in your life.  If you are not mindful, you could experience aContinue reading “Be Aware – 50 signs of stress”