EmpowHERment Series on-line

EmpowHERment series

Jewel Diamond Taylor has created an on-line personal development training series for women in law enforcement.

Taylor has gained critical insight from speaking several times for women in law enforcement (LAX Police and  LAPOWA National Training Conference and 32 years of success coaching and speaking internationally and nationally at countless conferences).

Authentic and lasting personal change requires the desire to grow and invest in your ability to develop self-esteem, resiliency, tenacity, confidence, coping skills, and wisdom.

This seasoned, cutting edge, and personal development keynote speaker and women’s life coach has curated messages that are relevant to empower female officers with coping skills essential for their stressful working culture.

Jewel will offer effective and life enriching ideas in a short power packed time because she understands there is a lot on your plate.  Each session will only be 20-30 minutes.

Participants will:

. gain strength to survive their warrior mentality

. receive a complimentary copy of her book “Wisdom for Women”

. learn ways to prioritize more time for self-care

. learn coping skills to deal with anger, depression, worry, and loss

. learn cognitive mastery

. learn about destructive thought patterns so that you can begin to live more abundantly with peace and success.

. learn how to enrich their personal life beyond their public identity and badge

. learn how to let go of stress in healthy ways

. life changing epiphany moments with the other participants.

and so much more

Once you register you will receive information to access the empowHERment series on-line.  Include your address to receive your autographed copy of Jewel’s book “Wisdom for Women.”

EmpowHERment Training Series for Women

facilitated by Jewel Diamond Taylor






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