What to do when SHIFT happens

The following is an excerpt from Jewel Diamond Taylor’s book “ShiFt Happens”

     Life can be a journey or a “trip” — Are you going to be a whiner or a winner in life? An African proverb teaches, “It rains on everyone’s roof.”

    The same thing can happen to two different people and they respond differently.  One person can receive troubling news about their health and feel bitter, afraid, and believe life is unfair.  Another one could receive the same diagnosis and feel hopeful and motivated to change their food choices and let go of any stressors in their life.  One can be pessimistic and the other optimistic.  One can live in fear and the other in faith.  One can feel like a victim and the other can feel victorious because of their thinking, actions, surroundings, and prayer life.  One could drown in their tears and fears and other could drop their long and strong anchor of faith.

 It’s not always the shift situation that causes unhappiness. It’s your thoughts about it. 

You may feel tired…get inspired !

Instead of thinking you are being punished…change your perspective to realize you are being PUSHED to deepen your faith, courage, resiliency, compassion, and coping skills.


Get equipped so you can’t be whipped by stress.

    Your shiFt could be a troubling marriage, parenting, seeking employment, illness, layoff, unexpected debt, looking for housing, slow business sales, a car accident, or suddenly you find yourself care giving for an aging parent.  Seasons of shifting, shaking, and storming may last for a long or a short time.  Your anchor of faith must be strong and long to endure your storm.  Suggested scripture Psalm 46:1-3

    You must be focused and yet know how to adapt to change and unexpected circumstances.   

     SHIFT happens!  Changes will happen without your permission.  In spite of a good plan and good intentions, you will need to know how to adjust, adapt, and regroup.   

Don’t quit because you’re alone.
Don’t quit because it’s tough.
Don’t quit because you’re out of your comfort zone.
Don’t quit because you’re mad.
Don’t quit because you’re sad.
Don’t quit because no one seems to help or care.
Don’t quit because it’s taking so long.
Don’t quit because you see no reward.
Don’t quit because you think it’s too late.
Don’t quit…stick with it.
Speak victory into your life.
Speak success into your life.
Speak determination into your life.
Speak love into your life.
Speak strength and courage into your life.

This post is an excerpt from Jewel Diamond Taylor’s e-book and audio book CD. To continue being inspired to overcome the SHIFT in your life, send your donation to Jewel’s Women on the Grow, Inc. 501c3 ministry click here.

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  1. Can you please email a number if jewel diamond Taylor still has a motivational number you can call to listen to daily please. Gayle Johnson 310 615 4310
    Gaylej1948@gmail.com 1
    Thank you Nov 20 1948

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