Covid-19 How to Cope With Anxiety Attacks


I continue to offer my coaching/counseling (phone or video) by sharing coping skills, my experience, prayer, and emotional wellness support.
During this crisis there NO fee.  A love offering is available by cash app or paypal.
Contact email –, call 323.964.1736

Wash your hands, be safe, pray, be kind, conserve your energy, be hopeful, and practice gratitude.


4 responses to “Covid-19 How to Cope With Anxiety Attacks”

  1. Janice Cunningham Avatar
    Janice Cunningham

    Thank you.   Janice  

    1. Thank you Janice for visiting my web site. God bless you and your family during this time of crisis. Stay in the light.

  2. Jennet Guerrero Avatar
    Jennet Guerrero

    Thank you, sister Jewel, for your encouraging words. You always have something positive to share & that is so beautiful. Just wanted to express my appreciation to you. Be blessed and may God continue to use you in a mighty way. Thank you for being the light in a broken and hurting world.

    1. Thank you dear sisterfriend. May the Lord keep you and your family safe and blessed. We will get through this and have an amazing testimony of God’s glory and goodness in our lives.

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