March 25, 2021 Newsletter

I trust this message finds you and your family well, safe, and blessed. Thank you for sharing my newsletter link with your family and friends. Stay in the light and stay connected.

The following is an excerpt from my book “ShiFt Happens” ;

When stress or change happens in your life, you have a choice to express one of the following responses to cope, endure, and enjoy my life:

. Avoidance (resistance, fear, flight, denial)

. Anger (which creates more stress and resistance)

. Allow it to continue (victimization)

. Apathy (depression, procrastination, a “whatever” attitude)

. Adapt (flexible, change, grow)

. Acceptance (peace, let it go, live in the NOW to make a decision)

. Action (faith, proactive, courage)

       Feelings of impatience and stress are a sign to re-evaluate your reactions to what you cannot control or a wake up call to change what you can control.   Frustration happens when you think your life is out of control or you wish you could control others.  It happens when you believe people or progress in your life are not moving along according to your script.  Negative emotional reactions get in your way.  They color your perceptions and drastically reduce your ability to notice what the situation really is, and to plan your best course of action.  Be responsive rather than reactive.


Every Sunday my Filling Station Master Class has been supporting women to develop their resilience, decrease stress, and increase their faith, courage, self-esteem, and action plan to live their best life.
Faith without works is dead and these amazing attendees understand that the path of success requires commitment, consistency, and application. With each class they are discovering the process gets easier, eye opening, heart healing, incredibly beneficial, and bulletproofs their shield of faith for seasons of change, setbacks, and pain.
I can’t wait to see what insights you gain and what breakthroughs happen in your life as you begin to take back your joy, peace, purpose, mental/emotional/spiritual and physical health.
One day you will thank yourself for not giving up and for making your lifestyle and healing a priority.
To register email or text 310.526.2552

Call 323.964.1736 or email – to inquire about these engagements or availability for your event, program, conference, retreat, workshop, or one-on-one coaching/counseling, etc.

________Your laugh for the day!!!!!

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2 responses to “March 25, 2021 Newsletter”

  1. Angie Westfield Avatar
    Angie Westfield

    I am not a victim. I am Victorious 😊
    Grateful 🙏🏾

  2. Good morning sister thanks for sharing with me. You really keep me on track with life 💘 you stay in the light

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