Your WELLNESS matters

She is learning self-care at an early age.

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As I listened and spoke with a woman drowning in shame, depression, and guilt during her life counseling session with me, her story of pain was something I heard many times. She started a few months ago with me because she couldn’t forgive herself for past choices of choosing the wrong mate, over spending to numb her pain, overeating, and isolating from family and friends. She lived for years in a season of silence, suffering, secrets, and shame. As a result of her consistent appointments with me for talk therapy, she gradually became aware of her sabotaging thinking and self-condemnation. She was beating herself up. I helped her to understand she was overspending and overeating because she didn’t feel worthy of a happy and healthy life. She became her own judge and jury. Author and speaker Brene Brown teaches, “The difference between shame and guilt. Shame says, “I am bad”. Guilt says, “I did something bad.” Do you feel guilty about something you did? Do you say bad things about yourself?

Fortunately, my coaching client has experienced clarity and breakthroughs by courageously telling me her story from her unstable childhood. Shame and guilt can only live in darkness. Once she shed light on her series of hurts, abuse, rejection, and feeling hopeless…the secrets and shame lost their power to weaken her. Self-compassion is something a lot of people struggle with. It is a process to break the strongholds of low self-esteem, chronic worthlessness, and self-criticism. ““Shame is a soul eating emotion.” – C.G. Jung

She sends me frequent updates now of her new experiences of fasting, making travel plans, socially distancing from dysfunctional people, and spending more time for her self-care. She is now in the process of starting a new business. I gave her affirmations to read and the following prayer.

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2 responses to “Your WELLNESS matters”

  1. Wow what powerful words. ” SELF – COMPASSION ” We can so gladly show others compassion but not our self…I love this prayer. It moved me to tears. There goes another healing I didnt realize I needed and now it’s on it’s way😊… Thank you Powerful Mother of the Gift of the Heart Mrs Jewel.

  2. Thanks sis for your consistent working and planning events for WOG.The retreat is just what we need after our long period isolation.

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