4 tips for holidays to avoid a ChristMESS

Have you ever experienced that uncomfortable chemistry that can occur when you meet your parents or siblings for a holiday get-together? Old conflicts and feelings from your childhood can resurface and create tension.

Whatever the relationship is with parents and siblings, many adults carry unresolved – and painful – memories from their childhood. If people with repressed emotions don’t work through their childhood issues, they often spiral further and further into depression as they get older. And if adults with unresolved childhood problems have children of their own, they pass their trauma on to the next generation and the cycle continues. Blended families, broken relationships, grieving families, painful unresolved memories, trauma, secrets, arguments, exhausted caregiving for a family member, and overspending can create serious consequences and heated arguments over Christmas dinner. The holidays can bring about tense family gatherings and trigger a lot of mixed emotions (e.g. addictions, grief, loneliness, anger, depression, financial shame, stress, overeating, apathy, anxiety). My brief video message offers four (4) battles to be aware of during the holidays to avoid having a ChristMESS.

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4 Replies to “4 tips for holidays to avoid a ChristMESS”

  1. Merry Christmas Jewel,
    Wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your women ministry, how you take out your time to prepare and share the word with us, the wisdom and knowledge you give us is so needed. I thank God for the calling he has put on your life for us woman. You are truly a JEWEL❤

  2. Thank you Jewel for that timely message. 😊 I appreciate your thoughtfulness during this time of the year. 🥰 🙏 ❤

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