I was born for this

Jewel Diamond Taylor is an authentic, highly acclaimed, witty, knowledgeable, in-demand, and international conference speaker, author, life coach, talk therapy practitioner, faith leader, retreat facilitator, founder of Women on the Grow, Inc, 501c3, and advocate for women based in Southern California with her family (husband, son, grandson, and host of relatives). Taylor, aka “The Self-esteem Dr.” is a social worker “beyond the walls” empowering, inspiring, teaching, counseling, and mentoring women on how to:

. self-regulate and recharge their energy and thinking to release mental and emotional strongholds

. breakthrough their past limiting beliefs, trauma, and low self-esteem

. how to spiritually renew their minds and soul to recover their peace, faith, and joy 

. develop emotional wellness to heal from past “hurt attacks

. close the generational gaps to connect with other women, resources, mentoring,

entrepreneurs, and difference makers

. grow to be brave, healthy, connected, and feel worthy to live an abundant life 

Watch and receive your “reLAXanation booster” shot from the Self-esteem Dr. When you feel your life is going downhill…gaining critical life skills can be better than depending pills.

Remember to save the time 3 pm Pacific, 6 pm Eastern to flourish in Jewel Diamond Taylor’s INNERversity zoom room every Sunday https://www.theself-esteemdr.com/post/diamond-innerversity-enrollment

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