I’m still in my “life class” learning lessons about relationships. I share many of my relationship lessons in my book “Follow Your Heart But Take Your Brain with You”

. Words don’t always line up with people’s actions. Start paying attention to people’s patterns.

Don’t be surprised when a person is true to their habits, patterns, needs, and personality.

. Don’t try to paint “red” flags green. Stop, look, listen, and proceed accordingly, Too many people run past the red flags and red lights and are surprised when they have a crash.

. Many people are not afraid of new love. They are afraid of old pain. Many people don’t fear commitment, they fear wasting their time.

. Many people would learn from their past mis-takes, choices, and dilemmas if they weren’t so busy wearing glasses of denial or fantasizing with unrealistic expectations.

. Many people are stuck in their ‘healing gap’….”I really want to talk to you.” and “I really need to get over you.” or “I really need to set some clear boundaries.”

. Notice the people who MAKE an effort to stay in your life.

. Ask yourself, “Am I pouring into cups that leave mine empty.” The healthy goal is to have more balanced and reciprocal relationships.

. Sometimes their some GOOD in good-bye. Sometimes their uncaring and disrespectful behavior is all the closure you need.

. An apology means nothing if the pattern remains the same. An apology is just words.

. One of the best feelings is finally losing your attachment and pain to somebody who isn’t good for you.

. One of the biggest battles to win is the war between your heart and mind. That goes for relationships with parents, children, siblings, lovers, spouses, friends, and any family member. Improving your relationship I.Q. is critical for parents and for adults caring for their parents. Your heart can be so loyal, that unfortunately, loved ones can take advantage of your kindness and loyalty. Guard your heart, money, credit, health, time, peace, and priorities.

. Before your heart, life, spirit, bank account, and self-worth are shattered to pieces, I pray you are able to SEE the truth. You can start to rebuild your life and stop walking on eggshells. Remember Proverbs 4:23 teaches us to guard our hearts.

. When you understand your worth, you will stop giving people discounts. You are God’s precious jewel and should be placed inside the glass counter with a lock, not on the discount table for everybody to pick up, touch, and handle.

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