Wake Up! Pain is your friend

“Pain is a motivator! Pain is the brain’s way of telling you to CHANGE something. It could be as simple as lifting your hand off the hot stove, a constant headache or being in an abusive or unfulfilling relationship. Both physical and emotional pain are signals to wake you up to change your behavior. Pain can be your friend to alert you to something that is not in alignment.

Shift Happens

click above top left red circle arrow to listen “People and circumstances will shift in your life. Shift happens! Learn how to adapt, cope, hold on, pray, deepen your faith, lighten up and tune up your discernment so you can let go of the people who bring drama, pain and negativity into your life. WhenContinue reading “Shift Happens”

music & motivational message – walk by faith

You will learn why so many of us procrastinate and never fully live in our purpose, joy and success. Listen to this powerful message all the way to the END. Call 323.964.1736 when you are ready to invite Jewel Diamond Taylor to speak for your conference, campus, church, workplace training, retreat, luncheon or book signing.

Big Important Tip for Your Success

Writing down your goals and intentions will force you to clarify what YOU want.  Imagine going to the airport with no particular destination, time or date for departure or return?  You will get no where until you are specific and clear.  Your life is more critical than a trip.  Your life needs focus, intention andContinue reading “Big Important Tip for Your Success”

Broken But Blessed

“I have certainly learned that being broken and blessed can happen at the same time. It’s a paradox.  The two words should not be in the same sentence. As I hold these broken pieces of crayons I realize I have two choices.  I could throw them away.  Or I could still use them to color.Continue reading “Broken But Blessed”

Are you dying on the inside?

http://donotgiveup.net/MotivationAudioArchives.htm I have known of a couple of people who told me clearly they had a “near-death” experiences. This phenomena is usually reported after an individual has been pronounced clinically dead or very close to death.  They speak clearly about how they felt and what they saw.  They report feeling a sense of peace, well-being, painlessness,Continue reading “Are you dying on the inside?”