Broken But Blessed

“I have certainly learned that being broken and blessed can happen at the same time.

It’s a paradox.  The two words should not be in the same sentence.

crayonsAs I hold these broken pieces of crayons I realize I have two choices.  I could throw them away.  Or I could still use them to color.

Whenever you and I feel broken I believe we can still use the pieces of our brokenness to color our life and others around us with gratitude, joy, kindness, service, love and courage.

Sure, life can give you a swift kick in the gut and break your heart.  I pray you are able to be resilient and COLOR again.  Pain and loss have taught me to color my life with compassion, a sense of humor, to enjoy each moment and let go of clutter.  I’m learning to color my life with simplicity, humility, gratitude and faith that sustains me even in my sorrow.   The enemy to your soul can make you feel useless, worthless and broken beyond repair.  The truth is you are stronger than you think.  The truth is life doesn’t offer you joy or pain, sunshine or rain, blessings or brokenness … it is joy AND pain, sunshine AND rain, blessings AND brokenness.  The truth is God will never leave you nor forsake you.  Pain is your invitation to begin the process of healing from the struggle, sadness, shame, secrets, silent screams and suffering.  If you feel stuck, insecure and broken…. pick up the broken pieces and discover a peace that surpasses all understanding…that is your gift of grace from God.

Get rid of clutter, anger, depression, toxic relationships and grudges.  Forgiveness and resiliency are the rebirth of hope, a renewing of your mind.  Declare and decree, “It’s not over.  I will bounce back.  I will not break.  I am more than a conqueror.  I take my power and joy back.  I will not live like a victim, but as a victorious woman/man.” ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor,

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cover I am resilient collage resilient women

Are you dying on the inside?


I have known of a couple of people who told me clearly they had a “near-death” experiences. This phenomena is usually reported after an individual has been pronounced clinically dead or very close to death.  They speak clearly about how they felt and what they saw.  They report feeling a sense of peace, well-being, painlessness, positive emotions and a sense of removal from the world.

But I also know of people who have had “near-life” experiences.  They came close to experiencing joy, passion, new beginnings, love, vibrancy and optimism.

Instead of doing…they are distracted, dreaming and focusing on disappointments.  Instead of living and acting on their spiritual impulse to create…their courage dies,  their faith dies, their trust dies and their confidence dies.  Depression and pain can numb you and place you in an emotional coma or paralysis of analysis.

Indictments, hurt, abandonment, rejection or jealousy from your past can cripple you and you eventually flat line emotionally…no joy, no dreams, no confidence, no purpose, no worth and no faith.Emotional and Spiritual CPR

One of the ways to breathe life into your dreams and purpose is to surround yourself with people who are fully alive.   Build your faith and sense of worth by dealing with any sense of shame, guilt or fears.

Arrest the thief called procrastination.  Get out of any comfort zone of defeat, a rut or what’s the use attitude.  Don’t just stick your toe in the water.  Jump in!  The water will be cold and startling at first.  But the longer you stay in, the more your body will adjust.  Become super-intentional with your thoughts, emotions and actions to be resilient and proactive after any season of challenges, loss, setbacks or pain.   Open up your lungs and breath.  Open up your mind and believe again.  Open up your journals and inspirational books.   Give yourself spiritual and emotional CPR before you flatline.   Life is calling you.  Life is a gift. Endure it, embrace it, enjoy it, excel it and exhale all the hurt so you can inhale all of God’s power.