9 steps to forgive yourself

    Are you holding yourself hostage, feeling stuck, feeling ashamed or feeling unworthy because of your past?     You may have; ​trusted the wrong person, made poor financial choices, ​mistreated someone, didn’t complete your studies, had serial meaningless relationships, mismanaged your money, hold grudges, misjudged others, walked away too soon from a relationship,Continue reading “9 steps to forgive yourself”

Living through the seasons called “hard, scary and painful”

Am I ready to retire? Should I move to another city? Should I stay at this unfulfilling job or stay in this abusive relationship? Should I travel? Should I stop allowing my friend to disrespect me? Should I write my book? Should I keep loaning money to people? Should I take that class? Should IContinue reading “Living through the seasons called “hard, scary and painful””

Share what you see or receive

I created a new site to celebrate what is going right in this world.  In an effort to focus on the goodness and kindness of people I see all around me, I created a new blog…”A.O.K.” Acts of Kindness. If you have given, received or seen random acts of kindness, please share your comments, storyContinue reading “Share what you see or receive”


How to have compassion Compassion is essentially the wish that beings not suffer – from subtle physical and emotional discomfort to agony and anguish – combined with feelings of sympathetic concern. You could have compassion for an individual (a friend in the hospital, a co-worker passed over for a promotion), groups of people (victims ofContinue reading “COMPASSION”

40 Ideas to Help Others

1.       Plant a tree to help the planet. 2.       Rescue a pet. 3.       Volunteer as a teacher’s assistant. 4.       Donate sturdy shoes, thick socks and winter coats. 5.       Give warm biscuits to people living on the street. 6.       Start a food drive with your family and friends. 7.       Donate blood, plasma, and/or platelets. 8.       JoinContinue reading “40 Ideas to Help Others”