Heal Your Depression

In my family, circle of friends and women that I counsel/coach…I hear a cry in the land. I hear the words, “I’m tired…Does it really matter if I live?… My money is spent, my get up and go has got up and went….I’m lonely…. I can’t believe I opened my heart to someone only toContinue reading “Heal Your Depression”

Who’s driving you crazy?

A great source of stress comes from attempting every exhausting way to get those you love or those you have to work with to understand you. You may be struggling to improve communication or gain respect and understanding. You may feel like your relationship or job is emotionally draining and taking all of your joy,Continue reading “Who’s driving you crazy?”

Healing Relationship Rejection

As the Self-esteem Dr. I counsel with so many women with depression.  I hear so often “it’s hard being a single woman.”  These women are doing what R&B singer Brandy sings about in one of her songs…“Sitting up here in my room waiting for you to invest in my happiness.  I must confess I’m justContinue reading “Healing Relationship Rejection”

I’m Tired – Lost My Joy

Pain and suffering are gifts nobody wants.  I’ve come to understand and embrace the fact that life is bitter and sweet.  If we never experience pain or loss, we never really experience joy.  If we never learn how to cope with difficult times, we become hard, cold, afraid, self-centered, defeated, hopeless, overwhelmed and insensitive toContinue reading “I’m Tired – Lost My Joy”

Depression…It’s A Set Up!

Depression, disappointments, and addictions are a set up to make you give up. If the enemy can find ways to distract you, fill your head with doubt, cause you to focus on your disappointments, defer your goals, discourage your hopes and dreams, diminish your purpose/gifts, divide your family with drama, destroy your faith and damageContinue reading “Depression…It’s A Set Up!”

Resist Apathy – Read the Promises of God

   Feeling empty inside, feeling powerless and stuck,  no passion for life, no  direction, spiritually empty, feeling ordinary, feeling alone and no relief from the relentless demands from family, financial stress and unexpected setbacks?  These emotional states are dangerous signs indicating you need help, resiliency, relief, restorative prayer, purpose and hope. When life is not movingContinue reading “Resist Apathy – Read the Promises of God”

Depression: 12 Ways to Heal

I’m personally familiar with the emotional cloud of depression.  It has been triggered by: . grief (losing my parents and other loved ones) . menopause hormonal changes . being self-employed brings it’s own set of financial challenges in this recession climate .working through personal struggles, ups and downs that marriage and parenting brings, . regretsContinue reading “Depression: 12 Ways to Heal”

Feeling discouraged?

When you fall into a pit of exhaustion, fear, desperation or worry … be careful not to fall into the trap of doing desperate, destructive, sinful and illegal things to get out of your situation. When the flesh or faith are weak, one can be tempted to seek short cuts to get out of aContinue reading “Feeling discouraged?”

Let Hope Feed Your Soul

The definition of HOPE is to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence…the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. Hope is the feeling you have that the feeling you have isn’t permanent. ~ Jean Kerr If you’ve destroyed a man’s hope, you’ve destroyed the man.Continue reading “Let Hope Feed Your Soul”