Waking Up Grateful

I arise today  in the name of Silence womb of the Word, in the name of Stillness, Home of Belonging, in the name of Solitude of the Soul and the Earth   I arise today Blessed by all things, Wings of breath, Delight of eyes, Wonder of whisper, Intimacy of touch, Eternity of soul, UrgencyContinue reading “Waking Up Grateful”


What life lessons have you learned from this recession? How has your faith kept you pressing, believing, surviving, stretching, giving, going and standing in spite of it all? Here are a few of my lessons… 1. I’ve seen how God has been faithful even when I wasn’t. 2. I truly grasp now the idea ofContinue reading “RECESSION PROOF YOUR FAITH”

Thinking out loud – Gratitude

I felt God blessing me this morning.  I’m grateful.  I hear the birds outside my window singing.  I’m breathing.  I’m alive. I’m still here.  What was bothering me yesterday has disappeared.  I’m listening God.  What is my assignment today?  What should I write?  Who should I call?  Who should I help today?  I’m available.  I wantContinue reading “Thinking out loud – Gratitude”