Know when to say “no”

“Be careful.  Like a fish caught in a net, you can become entangled in a toxic relationship, trying to support or fix someone else’s problems. Some people are more loyal and trapped in their story and identity of victimization more than they are open to experience healing, restoration, and peace. You may find yourself sayingContinue reading “Know when to say “no””

Learn about Women on the Grow

Our ever growing tribe grows from the retreats, one-on-one coaching, conferences, travel getaways and the Women on the Grow Academy classes. These experiences embrace women from many walks of life to connect and grow in a safe space of non-judgment, compassion, wisdom, sisterhood, and personal growth. click here to visit

Women on the Grow GatHERing

  Women on the Grow GatHERing San Antonio Winery,737 Lamar St , Los Angeles, California (food, networking, wine tasting, door prizes, awesome fellowship, connections, inspiration, etc.) Saturday, February 16, 2019 12 noon This is a fundraiser for Women on the Grow 501c3. The fundraiser registration for the group is $20 per person. Your lunch isContinue reading “Women on the Grow GatHERing”

Creative Ways to say “NO”

Do you feel guilty or stressed when you want to say “NO” to a request of your time, money, personal space, resources, etc.? Below are various ways to master your boundaries and communicate “NO” to unreasonable, unexpected, unrealistic, or inconvenient requests of your time or money… ‘No’ as a complete sentence: “No, thank you” or “No, thank you. I won’tContinue reading “Creative Ways to say “NO””

Isolation and being alone can be addicting

“Loneliness and isolation are dangerous.  They can be addicting.  Once you get used to how peaceful it is, you can begin to dread and avoid dealing with people anymore. When you get upset, it is a set up for depression and isolation.  I have had to pray and encourage myself many times out of the caveContinue reading “Isolation and being alone can be addicting”