Benefits of Life Coaching with Jewel aka “The Self-esteem Dr.”

     Too often we feel a sense of shame, guilt or over responsibility ( e.g. feel like a bad Christian, bad wife, bad mother, bad sister, bad daughter). Or our inner self-talk says, “if I don’t ‘help or give.”…or “They will be in danger if I don’t help.” ….”or  “If I stay or if […]

Choices Matter

“Every minute…every day you are making choices that could bring you closer to achieving success, peace, financial growth, love, health and purposeful living. Today you will choose between good or unhealthy food choices (e.g. snacks or salad). You will choose between spending or saving. You will choose who to talk to, who to avoid or […]

Making Better Decisions (2014)

Your daily decisions shape your destiny. Make up your mind that your thoughts, words and actions will break cycles of frustrations and failure.  Make up your mind that you will invest in your success, health, faith, abundance, relationships and purpose. Train your mind to SEEK opportunities.  SEE opportunities.  SEIZE opportunities.  SEE that you are worthy, […]

Big Important Tip for Your Success

Writing down your goals and intentions will force you to clarify what YOU want.  Imagine going to the airport with no particular destination, time or date for departure or return?  You will get no where until you are specific and clear.  Your life is more critical than a trip.  Your life needs focus, intention and […]

Woulda Coulda Shoulda

It never fails that after every speech, sermon or session…I begin to have regrets about what I forgot to say. I critique and beat myself up at times thinking I could have presented my message better or in a different way. Together let’s commit to living our lives with a minimum of regrets.   We […]

Why People Give Up and Quit!

People don’t typically enjoy quitting. People usually are seeking stability/belonging, connection and a place to make a contribution and grow. People don’t like leaving their jobs, they leave their poor leader/boss/poor management. People don’t quit on God, they quit the church leader,the members, church hurt. People don’t quit friendship, they quit haters, dysfunction and unequally […]

Take Yourself Off the Hook

QUESTION FOR THE SELF-ESTEEM DR. FROM SHELLEY: “Dr. Jewel I’m in my 50’s now and I feel like a failure. I feel like many opportunities for love, money, career advancement and my weight image have passed me by. I feel stuck, lonely and embarrassed when I see what other people around me have accomplished. I […]

Do something about your pain

Woman jogging everyday hears a dog howling in pain…every morning. Woman asks her neighbor: “What is wrong with your dog?  I hear your dog howling every time I pass by your porch.  He sounds like he is in so much pain! Neighbor: He has been on this porch everyday sitting on a nail for weeks. Woman:  Why doesn’t […]