Yes, it can be difficult…but don’t drop out of life

“Fear, pain, and setbacks can be paralyzing, traumatizing and terrorizing.  Life isn’t always easy.  Parenting, marriage, caregiving, paying your bills, living with abuse, financial stress, dysfunctional families, illness, operating your business/ministry, loneliness, grief, betrayal, an unfulfilling job, college, or poverty aren’t easy. Some people drop out of life and drop into addiction, depression, despair, crime,Continue reading “Yes, it can be difficult…but don’t drop out of life”

Overcoming Fear

“Faith is a thriving emotion … fear is a surviving emotion. Faith is inspiring. Fear is intimidating. Action is liberating. Fear is limiting. Action is courageous. Fear is cowardly.” ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he whoContinue reading “Overcoming Fear”

excerpt from Jewel’s book “Shift Happens.”

   excerpt from Jewel’s book “Shift Happens.”      “You have some priorities and tasks that need your attention and action.  Distractions and doubt are so destructive to your peace and progress.      Focus, focus, focus!  Even when SHIFT happens…adapt and be flexible…don’t give up.  Let nothing or no one catch you off guard,Continue reading “excerpt from Jewel’s book “Shift Happens.””

10 Pearls of Wisdom About Resentment

The emotion of resentment can become familiar, addictive and justified while it paralyzes you.  Heal and free yourself and others.  Your pain can become your purpose /profession/ministry.  The more you share your pain, testimony, faith and story… it lessens the pain.   If you have resentment about the burden of care giving for a lovedContinue reading “10 Pearls of Wisdom About Resentment”

12 Steps to Guard Your Heart (Proverbs 4:23)

Pray for discernment to know when someone is fake and abusing you. A person’s words and actions should line up.  The adversary/trickster can use many fiery arrows, disguises, words, and emotional traps to get you in a web of doubting yourself, abuse, lies and stress.  Love should not hurt.  Stay prayed up and surround yourselfContinue reading “12 Steps to Guard Your Heart (Proverbs 4:23)”

Shift Happens

click above top left red circle arrow to listen “People and circumstances will shift in your life. Shift happens! Learn how to adapt, cope, hold on, pray, deepen your faith, lighten up and tune up your discernment so you can let go of the people who bring drama, pain and negativity into your life. WhenContinue reading “Shift Happens”