Waking Up Still Feeling the Same…No Change

I woke up this morning, put my feet on the floor, washed face and went downstairs…reality hit me again.  My son is gone.  This is not a dream.  Is this a trick? No, this is real.  He has gone on to heaven. I won’t see him walk through that door.  I won’t hear his voiceContinue reading “Waking Up Still Feeling the Same…No Change”

Frustrated, Stuck, Broke, Sick, Tired or Lonely?

“It can certainly be frustrating feeling stuck, overwhelmed, broke, sick, lonely or lacking purpose. These emotional traps can knock you down into a state of depression throwing your hands up saying “what’s the use?” When I find myself slipping into darkness, I work on training my brain to focus on what I’m grateful for. IContinue reading “Frustrated, Stuck, Broke, Sick, Tired or Lonely?”

What’s aggravating you today?

“Have you ever had “one of those days” when everything irritates you…a day when everything seems to go wrong and your patience is running out? Well I had one of those days Monday when I lost my cool. My computer was down for 3 days and I so aggravated. I was on hold on theContinue reading “What’s aggravating you today?”

What to Do After Experiencing a Failure, Setback or Mistake

Here are twelve reminders to keep you motivated after a mistake or failure: Take  the time you need to heal emotionally.  Moving on doesn’t take a day; it takes lots of little steps to be able to break free of your broken self. Never let a bad day make you feel like you have aContinue reading “What to Do After Experiencing a Failure, Setback or Mistake”

Fatal Distractions

When I experience stress, doubt or worry… sometimes I have to listen to my own CDs. Worry, fear, doubt, stress, illness, drama in your home, job, church, team and a constant viewing of the tragic TV news and are fatal distractions.  These things can cause you to crash and lose focus on your faith, purpose,Continue reading “Fatal Distractions”

Stop Being a Bag Lady

 “Every time I fly I think how traveling has lost some of it’s joy and affordability for many people.  The airlines created another stream of income by charging customers for excess baggage.  The more extra baggage the airplane carries… the more fuel it uses.  I definitely became a smarter traveler because of this added feeContinue reading “Stop Being a Bag Lady”