ABC’s for Success

ABC’s for Success

A ppreciate and value your life and dreams.  Life is too short to waste on complaining, procrastination or a pity party. Take consistent steps to create a life of purpose, meaning, success, peace, faith and inner strength to withstand the challenges in life.

B elieve in yourself.  Distance yourself from those who belittle and discourage you. Control that inner critic.   Putting yourself down damages your self-esteem.  Change the voice of your inner critic.  Perfectionism and self-criticism are sabotaging and non-productive.   Don’t be too hard on yourself… yet continue to push yourself towards the next level of improvement.  Sometimes you may not “feel” like doing what you should do; i.e. balance your budget, exercise, school work, build your business, get over the blues or fight the battle of the bulge.  Feelings of apathy, indifference, denial, procrastination, fear and doubt do not serve you well. Stand up and speak up when you feel someone is riding your back, abusing or disrespecting you, judging you, stabbing you in the back or simply doesn’t have your back.  Surround yourself with people who believe in you instead of people who belittle you.  Strengthen your confidence and self-esteem.  There is a difference between being cocky and prideful and having confidence.

C onsider things from every angle.  You have blind spots that can prevent you from seeing possibilities and solutions.  When you are faced with a decision or problem don’t think small and don’t get stuck with a limited perspective.  Practice creative thinking, communicate with others, be flexible, tap into your intuition, imagination and instincts. You can learn to see new ways of solving problems, creating solutions and resolving conflict.

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Success Navigation – Roads to Success


Life can be a journey or a “trip” — Are you going to be a whiner or a winner in life?  An African proverb teaches that “it rains on everyone’s roof.”

    Faith and fear are both expecting something to happen. Faith expects something good to happen. Fear expects something bad to happen.  Fear is exhausting.  Faith is liberating.  If you can change how you think, you can change how you feel.  When you change how you feel — you change how you act.

book cover

When “shift” happens in your life you can either choose to feel bitter, helpless, resentful, angry and afraid.   Or you can choose to yield to the circumstances out of your control and gain wisdom, compassion, spiritual insights and future coping skills.  It’s not always the shift situation that causes unhappiness.  It’s your thoughts about it.  When the bad feelings come, you don’t have to chase, push, fight, flee, cave in or suppress them.  Let them come in and go out like a swinging door.  The feeling will pass.  Or you can become frozen with fear, anger and worry.  Faith helps you to navigate your way out of a dark place into a place of light to see what steps you need to take to see and believe in your possibilities are for a better tomorrow.

The flow of traffic is better when you are in the “diamond lane”.  You cannot drive in the lane if you are driving alone.  You must have one or more persons traveling with you to reach your destination faster and to avoid slow traffic.

As your “Success Navigator” I can accompany you to avoid slow progress and improve your achievement rate of reaching your goal/destination faster.

You can pass those who are isolated and traveling the road of life alone without any guidance, coaching or support.

Your associations determine your destination.  Who is traveling with you on the road of life?  Who gets your time, energy and support?  If you want to go and grow to another level, check your passengers.  Put good fuel in your tank (body).  Check your tires often to avoid blowouts and burnouts.  Keep your windshield (vision) clear.  Follow your map.  Don’t get off your road to success and take the next nearest exit because you feel discouraged, tempted or distracted.  The main thing is to KEEP the main thing…THE MAIN THING.
~quote from the book “Shift Happens” by Jewel Diamond Taylor

There won’t be all green lights on your road to success.  Learn to be flexible, patient, focused, determined and enjoy the journey.  If you are teachable, you can avoid many u-turns and dead-ends when you invite the right passengers to join you along the way.” ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor `

 Your brain is programmed to resist change.  But with your small steps of courage and faith, you can learn to adapt and discover new possibilities.  I offer you my books and CDs to help you train your brain

CDto navigate through the maze of fear, negative/small thinking, low self-esteem, doubt and pain.  Yes, shift happens, but you find new pathways of success and blessings.  This message is an excerpt from my book “Shift Happens: The Main Thing is to KEEP the Main Thing…The Main Thing.”

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FaithLift Exercise

    “Your stress and past hurts can be compared to a weight barbell. Imagine yourself lying on your back and having a heavy barbell placed on your chest.
     Do you become strong by allowing it to stay on your chest? No! You become strong when you push it up and away from you.

      Your faith works the same way as your arms. Your faith becomes stronger when you push the trial away from you, not when you allow the trial to stay on you.

       Don’t allow your mind and spirit to be crushed by the weight of your stress or the pain from your past.  Constant stress and internal emotional pain will have a heavy toll on your body, mind, health, relationships, job performance, joy and spirit.  When you find yourself faced with  insurmountable obstacles, pain, trauma, tragedy, or loss…push.  Lift your head and exercise your faith.  Lift the weight of depression, worry, panic, anger, pessimism and fear. Exercise your personal power to speak life into your circumstances.  Exercise your mind to seek solutions and peace.  Exercise your physical  body.   Reduce the impact of your stress with movement, breathing, a sense of humor, prayer, meditation, good rest, healthy food, drinking water and daily health supplements.

       Practice “safe stress”.  Just as weight lifting builds muscle.  A faith lift builds confidence, peace and trust in the Lord.  Let God be the LIFTER of your head… click here to listen to my inspirational pick.” ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor

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Feeling stuck #!?@

You and I could blame other people all day for our failures, hurts and setbacks.  We only grow when we examine ourselves and realize we often sabotage and block our own blessings and success.  We procrastinate for many reasons; self-doubt, boredom, fear of failure, perfectionism, lack of discipline and focus, being unprepared, feeling unworthy, pride, and shame.

These feelings alone don’t necessarily lead to procrastination.  What tips the scales is going after your goals or tackling a task alone with no one to help you and no one to cheer you on.

You might think you are lazy or lack faith and confidence.  The real hindrance is loneliness and lack of accountability.  The way to overcome loneliness-based procrastination is to enlist the support of other people.

Jogging buddies, college study groups and self-help recovery groups understand the secret of accountability and encouragement.  If you are tired of your own excuses and really want to see results this year, ask for support.

coaching logo      Allow me to share with YOU some solutions and accountability to help you stay the course and see results this year!

 Do you have a desire to:

.  lose weight/have more energy/better health

.  find employment

.  increase your faith

.  graduate

.  stay clean and sober

.  complete your paperwork

.  de-cluttering your office/garage/home

.  overcome depression

.  save money/get out of debt

.  get out of an abusive relationship

.  write your book, finish your project or start your business

.  discover your life purpose

. heal from being stuck in grief, shame and depression

Come out of isolation.  Let go of pride.  Create a partnership.  Be accountable to a friend, family member, life coach (like me), your co-worker, mentor, your Bible Study group, etc.  Procrastination is a thief.

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Stupid or Smart Love?

Excerpt from the book

 “Love Smart with Your Heart: Desperation is a Terrible Perfume to Wear”   by Jewel Diamond Taylor

Page 50

When the public calls the 911 emergency line, records show that many people are lonely, need attention, have misdiagnosed their pain or overwhelmed with stress.  Yes, there are legitimate calls from trauma and tragedy, but not all calls need intervention.  Some people believe they have an emergency in a situation that does not pose a risk to life, physical health, or property. In these instances, some people feel entitled to an emergency response.

This is a metaphor for life.  Love smart with your heart.  You cannot respond to every emergency call from your family, friends, lover, organization, children, etc.   As you grow in discernment, you will be able to heal from the disease to please others or try to buy their love and time with sexual favors, service or money.  Every time your child, friend, lover or family calls you, remember, not all calls of distress are an emergency or your responsibility to fix.  Some people are immature, irresponsible, co-dependent, playing games, taking advantage, manipulators, lazy, spiritually weak or lack good coping skills.

Are you trying to fix and rescue loved ones while forsaking your own health, worth, time, peace of mind, virtue and self-worth?  Are you looking for love in all the wrong places and faces because your childhood sucked!?

I have counseled many women over the years and have created a name for the profile that I see all too often.  She is the  “911 woman”.  911 women are available anytime to rescue other people, fix people, respond to the needs of other people (i.e. sexual, financial, skills, time, comfort, etc.)   sacrificing their own peace, self-esteem, virtue, money, credit, health, goals, salvation and self-worth.

Women who; had missing Fathers (emotional or physical), had a lousy childhood, abused, covered up bad behavior of alcoholic parents, had troubled or sick family members learn to endure  emotional, physical or mental pain. These women get used to numbing their own feelings and needs.  These women have a high tolerance of pain and neglect.   Feeling powerless, invisible, neglected, ignored, abused, used or acting as the savior, rescuer or punching bag for others becomes their “normal.”  These women tolerate distant and non-nurturing relationships. They become “loyal” to someone who continually disrespects, betrays, ignores or takes advantage of their relationship.  Their alarm system has been broken.  Their view of what love and safety should feel like has been distorted.  They suffer silently and suppress their own needs and values.  They don’t recognize when someone is in real need or when they must step back from creating a co-dependency relationship. These women unfortunately grow up to be “911 women.”

I am a recovering “911 woman”.  While my mother was pregnant with my sister Joy, my mother moved me, my younger sister Jamila and my grandmother from Washington D. C. to California. My father was sad all the time when we would visit him. I took on his pain.  My Mother later remarried a man who was a good provider but he was an alcoholic and very controlling.   My mother was reserved, passive and emotionally distant.  So I took on the role of taking care of my sisters.  I became a “child adult”, very serious and protective.  I learned at an early age emotional adaptive behavior to be the fixer, to cover up the dysfunction, comfort the sad, protect my sisters and numb my own feelings and silence my voice.   My inner child learned the rules of silence, secrets, high tolerance, denial, care giving and enabling to survive in our rigid home.

As a wife and mother of two wonderful sons, I continued my pattern of co-dependency and wanted to be a fixer.  I wanted to smother them with the love I didn’t experience. Allowing my sons to grow up and experience the consequences of their choices and experience the joys of life without responding to every request or emergency has been a real journey of growth for me.  I have learned the hard way that love has to evolve into letting go and being smart about the dangers of enabling, helping and rescuing too much. Learning to value my voice in a house full of testosterone was a challenge for me.  For many years I suffered in silence to avoid arguments.  Questioning my husband’s excessive drinking and lack of communication was something I tolerated instead of confronting.  My voice and confidence was never cultivated.  It was pitiful!  I never saw my mother model healthy self-esteem in her dysfunctional marriage. I wanted to help her and help my father while negating my own maturity and voice.  My subconscious emotional coping pattern birthed my inner child to fix adults and subdue my needs.  I’m sure this is why I birthed my women’s ministry, write books, facilitate retreats and have a passion to empower and encourage women to discover their voice and heal their self-esteem.

Fortunately, because of God’s grace through the spiritual fathering, model and teaching of our Bishop Kafela, my husband no longer drinks and he continues to grow in his communication skills.  His great joy is serving in our church and sharing his testimony with young men to help them avoid the traps of alcohol.  We both are products of our environment as children.

The unexpected blessing of growing and healing my own self-esteem is the by-product of wanting to help other women for over 25 years.  The mystery for me is, “Why was it so easy to help others when I was in need also?”  The teacher and student in me merged.  I believe God can transform our mess into a message to inspire others.  I believe you can triumph over your tribulations.  I believe that you and I can transform our thinking rather than remain in deformed thinking.  I believe you and I can rise above our damaged and broken selves and experience healthy love for ourselves and others.  I believe you either remain hurt, numb, lonely and angry about your life or you learn to reach out help others.  I believe that once you know better, you can do better! The payoff is so awesome.  The more I stopped being vulnerable and volunteering to rescue others, tolerate pain or silence my voice, the more I discovered my value.  I became stronger, wiser, and more confident the more I studied, shared, opened my heart and followed the guidance of God to serve other women.   Yes, it is an on-going process of removing the layers of shame, guilt, hurt, secrets, poor choices and acceptance of the things, the past and the people you and I cannot change.  You can start to heal and change your thinking when you become desperate or inspired to change.  My goal with this book is to inspire you to want to assess your stress and be willing to truly see where you can grow smarter with the issues of your heart.

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. – Proverbs 4:23

Start observing your reactions, feelings, patterns and thoughts with compassion.  Be willing to take the risk of setting personal boundaries which means learning not to be afraid of hurting others; having other people angry at you or feeling abandoned or losing a relationship.  Pray for discernment, wisdom, boundaries and learn how to say “no” to demanding requests of your body, time and money.  You can’t buy love or respect from others when you suffer from the disease to please.  There is a difference between helping someone who is disabled, incapable, or sick versus helping someone who is resisting growing up and or taking advantage of your kindness and your hunger for love.

A child growing up in a dysfunctional home and shame experiences unspoken rules which creates a foggy sense of what is appropriate or inappropriate behavior.

Some of these rules include:

1. It’s not ok to talk about or express our feelings openly.

2. Don’t address issues or relationships directly.

3. Always be strong, always be good, always be perfect.

4. Don’t be selfish.

5. Do as I say. . .not as I do.

6. It’s not ok to play.

7. Don’t rock the boat.

8.  Shhh… keep the family secrets

8. Don’t talk about sex

9.  Be a nice girl…a “good” daughter”… a “good wife”…don’t complain

Do you think that if you give enough of your time, sex, help, talent and money to someone that you will be guaranteed love in return, a wedding ring, a commitment, respect, recognition, promotion or love?

Have you settled for convenience instead of commitment and a covenant which values you as a queen, a child of God, a woman of virtue?

When a woman trusts herself and truly provides her own validation, she stops making poor choices.  When a woman stops being vulnerable and volunteering to save, fix, enable or tolerate bad behavior, she will no longer act like a victim.  Learning to love smart with your heart helps you to grow stronger in choosing your friend, date and/or mate.

Page 38

     Just like dogs can smell fear, anyone without virtue will recognize a weak and needy person and take advantage of their vulnerability.

Desperation is an invisible quality.  It’s an aura that a person can sense through your behavior, words and tolerance of bad behavior.

A good man who really cares and respects you would not take advantage of you.

If you are wearing the perfume of desperation, a dog can smell it.  Unfortunately, he will misuse your body, time, money and heart.

Being needy, naive, desperate and having low expectations will surely cause you heartache and pain.

Men who have options don’t necessarily think that sleeping together means you’re in a serious “relationship”.

You may fall in love with some one’s personality but it’s their character you really live with.  You deserve more than:

. a part time love

. a “booty call”

. shared love

. secret love

. I love you ifkind of love

. abusive love (emotional or physical)

. a date withonly fast food and fast sex

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Your Dream is Possible

My popular motivational book is “Shift Happens: The Main Thing is to KEEP the Main Thing…The MAIN THING!”

Tyler Perry shares a great message on a video about the power of focus. When you remain focused on the “main thing” …you increase your chances for success.

Many times people tried to get me off track to follow their opinion, their dream, their business, their passion or their agenda.  My passion for speaking and teaching has remained for over 25 years and I am SO thankful that God’s grace has kept me.  I believe 100% in the success principle of focus that Tyler Perry shares on a short video message link below.

Are you willing to let some things go?  Are you willing to press, persevere, push and be resilient each time you have a disappointment?  Will you give up 5 minutes before your miracle?  Will you stay the course even though you see no evidence of your harvest?
 Anything is possible when you become a passionate believer in the gift, idea, dreams and possibilities that God gives to you.  Be unstoppable.  Be relentless,  Be focused.  Be persistent.  Be teachable.  Be resilient.  Be clear.  Be willing to sacrifice and be misunderstood but also be ready to receive the support, love and resources from unexpected places and people.

You will be encouraged by his message.  Listen and decide what your focus will be.

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Success Solutions

“You and I could blame other people all day for our failures, hurts and setbacks.  We only grow when we examine ourselves and realize we often sabotage and block our own blessings and success.  We procrastinate for many reasons; self-doubt, boredom, fear of failure, perfectionism, lack of discipline and focus, being unprepared, feeling unworthy, pride, and shame.

These feelings alone don’t necessarily lead to procrastination.  What tips the scales is going after your goals or tackling a task alone with no one to help you and no one to cheer you on.

You might think you are lazy or lack faith and confidence.  The real hindrance is loneliness and lack of accountability.  The way to overcome loneliness-based procrastination is to enlist the support of other people.

Jogging buddies, college study groups and self-help recovery groups understand the secret of accountability and encouragement.

If you are tired of your own excuses and really want to see results this year,coaching logo ask for support. I want to share with some solutions to help you stay the course and see results this year!

 Do you have a desire to:

.  lose weight/have more energy/better health

.  find employment

.  increase your faith

.  graduate

.  stay clean and sober

.  complete your paperwork

.  de-cluttering your office/garage/home

.  overcome depression

.  save money/get out of debt

.  get out of an abusive relationship

.  write your book, finish your project or start your business

.  discover your life purpose

Come out of isolation.  Let go of pride.  Create a partnership.  Be accountable to a friend, family member, life coach (like me), your co-worker, mentor, your Bible Study group, etc.  Procrastination is a thief.  Send for your “Wise Steps” CD today. ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor,Keynote Speaker, Author, Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Minister, Women’s Retreat Facilitator

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8 Great Ways to Reduce Stress and Be More Productive


1. Delegate– You will experience increased efficiency and better distribution of workload in order to focus on priorities.  Let go of any pride, a need to control or lack of confidence in others to complete a task.  Don’t dump on others. Use delegation to help team members grow and expand their skills  If you are in a crisis or time crunch to meet a deadline, ask others to be supportive by performing some tasks that would free up time for you to be effective.  Delegation builds trust, positive teamwork and taps into the skills and ideas from others around you.

2. Eliminate the clutter. Your surroundings are a reflection of your internal landscape. Notice when you are depressed how you stop hanging up your clothes, the dishes pile up, the mail goes unopened, your car is full of trash and your desk is a mess. Work every day on alleviating the fear, doubts, shame and anger. Clear the path to receive blessings, vision, harmony, order and clarity.  Throw away and give away old, unused, broken and outdated items in your car, closets, office, garage, etc.

3. Associate, don’t isolate. Disappointment, loss, caregiving and stress cause many people to detach.  Cave dwellers become afraid, sick, unproductive, depressed and live in darkness. Stay in the light. Surround yourself with like-minded people and associate with people who can help you grow in faith, courage, family, career, business, goals, etc.  Interact with family, friends, mentors and those who can inspire you to grow.  If you have no relationships of accountability, you will slip into poor habits, emotional slumps, excuses and suffer from the incompletion of your goals and tasks.

I have seen a pattern with people who are creative, leaders and perfectionists.  They tend to be more isolated in their caves.  I have observed how they get in a zone and become cut off from the people and resources that could keep them energized, connected and grounded in reality.  I even noticed in my own work habits, that if not monitored, I become a cave dweller.  My sense of self-sufficiency makes me more vulnerable to discouragement, procrastination, poor sleep/eating habits and unnecessary mistakes.  Isolating cave dwellers have to crawl out of their cave and enjoy some light, love, and the fresh air of ideas, input and interaction with others.

4. Accentuate the positive. Count your blessings. Watching too much CNN and other news channels can be depressing. Look around and see how good God has been in your life. Gratitude turns your head toward heaven. Depression causes you to hold your head down. Positive energy attracts positive energy.  Speak life.

5. Activate your faith. Declare a thing before you see the manifestation. If you keep your mouth shut, and refuse to act on the Word of God, there will be no manifestation. Faith can be compared to a muscle; it needs to be strengthened through exercise. Faith is your ability to trust God for what you cannot see or understand. Faith is your ability to draw your good from the invisible to the visible. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” ~ Hebrews 11:1

6. Motivate yourself. Quitting can become a habit. Feeling unworthy with guilt and shame can become your shackles of fear. We all have seasons of doubt and feel inadequate. We can use these experiences to wake up, be brave, adapt, endure, be humble and grateful for each day to begin again.  Become your own cheerleader.  Remember, “the why” when you feel stuck or procrastinate. Why do you need to lose weight, go back to school, become clean and sober? Why do you want to start your business or ministry? Why do you need to seek better employment? Why do you need to spend more time studying? Why do you need to spend more time with your loved one? Why do you need to get out of a toxic relationship? Why do you need to upgrade your skills? Why do you need to develop a relationship with God? If you remember the “why”, you will motivate yourself to get up and move forward.

7. Communicate – let go of stress and suppressed feelings in a healthy way. Communicate without blame or condemnation. Don’t suppress your pain, stress, questions or requests. Holding in your feelings breeds stress related health issues, bitterness and disconnection with your spouse, family member, co-workers, team or committee. People cannot read your mind. You will be disappointed in life because people are not perfect. In order to keep relationships healthy and growing, you must learn to honor your voice and feelings without doing damage, shutting down lines of communication or crushing the spirit of those you are communicate with. Remember timing, temperment and tone are important when you ventilate your thoughts.

8. Cultivate your strengths and gifts. Build up your confidence. Continue learning. Polish up your gifts, talents, skills and self-esteem. Pull up the weeds of negative habits. Break up the hard ground of bitterness, shame, anger, fear and stress.  Dig out any deep roots of low self-esteem, addiction, worry, small thinking, doubt, hatred or grudges. Weed out any habit, thought or relationship that blocks the sun for your growth. Plant new seeds of enthusiasm, imagination, new skills, new relationships, courage, creativity, faith, purpose, love and gratitude.  Water your seeds with prayer, focus, gratitude, right action, right words and service/good deeds towards others. If you plant seeds of doubt, anger, fear and lack, that will be your harvest.  If you plants seeds of love, courage, compassion, vision, purpose and gratitude, that will be your harvest. Cultivate your soul to be, do and see things differently.  Your heart and soul need constant care and gardening in order to bloom.

Cultivate a healthy lifestyle reducing fatty, fried, frozen and fast foods. Drink plenty of water.  Exercise and move your body.  Develop a sense of humor. Cultivate your faith to be able to let go and let God.

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Who helps you climb your ladder of success?

ladder of success

As you climb your ladder (i.e. ladder of success, healing, promotion, business, college graduation, ministry, marriage, new home, etc.) to go from where you are now, the people around you make a critical difference.

Some people will crowd the bottom of your ladder blocking you from climbing with their jealousy, demands, fear, insecurities, doubts, condemnation and anger.

Some people just don’t get you.  They want you to stay the same.  They don’t want you to grow or be elevated.

Some people aren’t strong enough to hold your ladder.  They may lack character, loyalty, vision, faith, work ethic, commitment, experience, education or skills.

I have seen in my life how association determines destination.  The people who get your time and energy have influence in your life… negative or positive, helpful or harmful, encouraging or discouraging, push you up or pull you down, lift you or lean on you…support you or sabotage you.

Pray that God would yoke and align you with the right people.  Pray for courage and discernment to let go of those who hinder your climb.  Some people come into your life for a reason and some for a season.

Three good books about leadership are written by Dr. Samuel Chand. The titles are;

“Who is Holding Your Ladder?”

“Who Moved Your Ladder?”

“Who is Shaking Your Ladder?”

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7 Tips to Make Your Life Easier

7 Ways to Achieve More NOW

1. Think like triage medics.  If you feel battle torn because of so many tasks and demands of your time, think like medics.  Know where you need to stop the bleeding of your time, energy, money and focus.   On the battlefield, medics have to decide where to apply their limited resources.  They can’t help everyone.  The definition of triage is the process of sorting victims, as of a battle or disaster, to determine medical priority in order to increase the number of survivors.  Some patients will survive and some will not.  Triage means ignoring these two groups and focusing on those that will only survive with medical care.  You must know which things you can safely ignore and which things demand your attention.  What may seem urgent to others putting a demand on your time, may not be a priority to you.  Learn to say “no” to the unimportant tasks, so you can say “yes” to the important tasks and actually get them done.

2. Prioritize what is urgent, critical, important, time sensitive and what things you can delegate.

3. Learn how to say “no” to requests of your time that distract you from your priorities. Cure yourself from the dis-ease to please others.  Value your time and priorities.

4.  Keep a watch, clock, calendar and things-to-do-list visible.  I use a cool on-line tool as my visual bulletin board for my things to do list and for my vision/dreams/goal board.  I am a visual person.  Knowing this about myself, I learned to have visual aids around me to keep me focused on my priorities.  If your goals and tasks are out of the sight, they are out of your mind.  The web site is

5.  If you know you have the habit of falling into the trap of doubt, procrastination, feeling unworthy, clutter, isolation or too much TV or socializingask for an accountability partner.   As a life coach to my clients, I offer accountability and steps so my clients can experience progress, results and satisfaction.  Many people do not lose the weight, finish their book, overcome depression, de-clutter their lives, graduate or fulfill their dreams and goals because they are not accountable to anyone.   Too many people leave things undone because of isolation, excuses, fear, lack of planning and a long list of things to do which causes frustration.  Who are you accountable to so you can stay on track with your goals and realize the fulfillment of your potential?

6. Listen to your body.  Get in your zone.  I know that I am a morning person.  This is when I am operating at my optimum energy level.  As much as possible I schedule important tasks when I’m in my energy zone to get more done.  I can’t control or predict all requests of my time.  But when I can … I know that it is counterproductive to commit to tasks when my energy is low.   Health is your first wealth.  Be more consistent in eating healthy, drinking water, some form of exercise, good rest and spiritual renewal to maintain your energy.

7.  Acknowledge you can’t do it all. The idea that you will eventually get caught up is a myth. It’s impossible. You have more work than you can reasonably expect to get done. You have to make peace with the fact that you must leave some things undone-for the sake of your own sanity. ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor

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