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Jewel Diamond Taylor

jewel baby picture     “I was born in the Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington D. C.  After completing his duty in the U. S. Army, my father, Robert Lewis, became a gemologist and a jewelry store owner.   

   After he passed away I began to read his books and became very curious about gem stones.  There’s a machine called the “Rock Tumbler”.   It tumbles dirty, rough and dull rocks in water. It’s very noisy as the rocks start to spin, fly, and crash into each other as they rumble around in the water. After all the tumbling and rubbing up against each other, the rocks that were once rough and dull come out shining and polished.  They are transformed. 

    Whatever pressure, tumbling, polishing or storm you are going through in life it is a process called transformation.  Some might feel they are being punished when really God is polishing and perfecting you for a higher purpose.  It never feels good or feels fair.  In our lives we crash, tumble and rub up against other.  Some people polish us up and some crush us.

    I have heard testimonies, questions, and stories of pain and success from women from all walks of life.  I have seen women so wounded that they can’t see beyond their past.  I have seen resilient women overcome cancer, divorce, abuse, poverty, unemployment, loneliness, promiscuity, ridicule, racism, sexism, single parenting, betrayal, addictions, procrastination, depression, homeless, anxiety disorders, anger, rape, incest, prison, low self-esteem/worth, grief and shame.  I have seen women grow and take leaps of faith.  I have seen women walk out of fear and right into their purpose.  I have seen women sit on their assets and some women blossom and grow into entrepreneurship.  My clothes have been soaked with tears and my ears have heard untold secrets of shame, hurt, dysfunctional families, depression and drama.  I was born for this!  I was born to co-labor with my sisters on their path of discovery, healing, peace and restoration.  I was born for this.  I know that a lot of my sisters are so heavily burden with just surviving, that they don’t have a smile.  They don’t have time or know how to enjoy the benefits of sisterhood, serenity, or self-care.   I gladly accept the assignment to be a guidepost towards the path of emotional wellness, joy, sanity, peace, sisterhood, purpose, coping skills, self-care, faith, healing and trusting again.  I was born for this!   I have seen women beat incredible odds and some who complain, whine and easily give up.  Some choose to grow and some choose being a a victim.  Some women think they will shock with their stories and some choose to live as silent sufferers.  No story can scare me or cause me to judge you.

    If you are trying to build your business or ministry, write a book, lose weight, become debt free, finish college, find a job, improve or heal relationships, let go of the past or break an addiction…surrender to the PROCESS to get to your PROMISE. Your step by step actions, perseverance, faith and discipline will make the difference. You may get tired, but stay inspired. Anything is possible with faith and action. There are no short cuts. The “PROCESS” is the price of admission to walk through the doors of success.”

        The journey of a diamond is a long and complex process.  Diamonds are formed under extreme temperatures and pressure.  The diamond industry uses “fire polish” to bring sparkle and create a fiery diamond that unleashes the quality, color, beauty and light within.  There is a big difference seen once a diamond is polished with fire…it becomes a blazing gem after being recut!  Once a diamond has been recut and polished by fire, it flashes with color and light.  Are you ready to be in a room full of empowerment, information and women sharing their stories, wisdom, experiences and FIRE?

F aith
I  nspiration
R eal connections
E mpowerment

     As an activist, messenger of God’s love, an author, sister, wife, mother,  grandmother, intuitive life coach/counselor, leader and influencer in the movement for women’s life enrichment, I have a keen sense of vision and sensitivity to the issues women face today.  I am honored to “fire polish” the attendees who attend my classes, conferences, retreats and coaching sessions. I have been privileged to help shape and polish women for their purpose, destiny, dreams and well-being.    I love to leave a little sparkle of encouragement, love, faith and empowerment wherever I go.” ~ The Self-esteem Dr. Jewel Diamond Taylor aka “The Encouragement Whisperer”


Surfers Teaching Life Lessons

 “Lord speak to my heart. Tranquilize my soul. Let your balm heal my grief. I inhale your peace and exhale my stress. Renew my mind. Wash away my fears and tears. I want to learn the secret of the surfers who balance themselves and ride out the high waves. Instead of fighting the unavoidable strength and immensity of the ocean, through practice, resiliency and determination they learn to stand and balance themselves. Let me feel your rhythm Holy Spirit and experience the mystery and beauty of your creation.” ~ I AM a “Life Surfer” Jewel Diamond Taylor
take me to the ocean 2

I have never surfed in my life. But when I see the surfers waiting patiently for the right wave, I learn about patience. When I see them crash and get back on the board again, time after time, I learn about resiliency and perseverance. When I see them learn how to balance the huge waves, I am reminded to be strong. When I see them fluid and not resisting the strength of the waves, I’m reminded that I am not in control. Resisting what is happening is foolish. The master surfers don’t fight and resist the giant waves. The waves can be dangerous, scary, unpredictable, beautiful and deadly. It takes courage to ride a wave. They learn how waves work, where to look, where to sit on their board, how to position themselves, and sense when they should move in because the tide is changing. They don’t fight the force of nature. The big waves of life can destroy and swallow you or you can learn to ride the waves. Surfers don’t suffer from the illusion of control. They learn to relax and ride out the wave.
The ocean can be calm, rough, immense, scary, chaotic and beautiful. There is another whole world beneath. The world is covered with more ocean than land. I am continually intrigued and attracted to the message of the ocean and it’s surfers. I feel calm and renewed when I see the ocean.
I AM a “life surfer.” I am learning to ride out the tough times. I am learning to work on more balance. My courage is getting stronger to face the “waves” (e.g. loss, hurt, disappointment, grief, setbacks and frustration). I am not in control when the waves come. However, I am learning how to sit on my board and position myself to ride out the wave. I will stand even when it feels unsure, awkward and scary. I will plant my feet firmly in my faith and life purpose. I am patient and watch for the right wave (opportunity) to carry me to my destination. I will go out to the shore and see the beauty of life. I will breathe in God’s peace.

Persevere through the hard times

      Millions of people suffer from depression (e.g. sadness, hopeless, fatigue and loss of interest). Depression is an illness that involves the body, mood, and thoughts. It interferes with daily life, normal functioning, and causes pain for both the person with the disorder and those who care about him/her.    For some this dis-ease is treatable.  Click this link to learn about the many types of depression.
      For some people depression is short term …a temporary blue mood.  Medical and mental health support is not in my wheelhouse.  I can offer emotional and spiritual support for those not suffering from chronic disorders of depression.  
      If you have short lived episodes of anxiety feeling sad and overwhelmed, I render these thoughts below for emotional and spiritual wellness with my Depression Poster below.

Sometimes you may feel that neither faith, joy or hope can find you.  You may be in a place of dryness, uncertainty and stagnation. You may stare at your low “joy ceiling”, pace the floor, sleep all day, eat compulsively or not eat at all.  You may isolate and want to give up because you ache for a divine and loving relationship, peace in your family, better finances, a home, increase in your business/ministry, help for your child, spouse of parent.  You may just want to be left alone or you may be yearning for connections and companionship. Maybe you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    If you find that all hope is gone, I pray you breathe in hope and remember the moments of sunshine and sweetness to heal your wounds and get through your difficult times.  I pray that you will not be weary in your well doing and live with hope, gratitude and resiliency.  I pray, that just like a flower is determined to bloom no matter the circumstances, that you will also bloom in spite of the brokenness in your life.
     The flower in this picture went through dirt and broken concrete seeking the sunlight. Whatever you are going through, I pray that you “grow” through it so you can see better days.  I believe with every fiber of being that you can make it!  You are stronger than you realize.  Be resilient and push through your “dirt and broken concrete”.  Push through to see the light of your possibilities.  Push through today.  Push through believing that God is with you in the joy and pain…sunshine and rain.”  ~  by Jewel Diamond Taylor, author of “I Am Resilient, www.DoNotGiveUp.net/IAMResilient  To contact Jewel call 323.964.1736 or email – Jewel@DoNotGiveUp.net
depression press
Enjoy this upbeat song “Don’t give up”

5 Bold Ways to Stand Out and Land Your Dream Job

Doing your homework is one thing, but an excellent resume doesn’t cut it in a crowd of equally strong resumes. Instead, start thinking, planning and creating. As long as you’re prepared for a bit of hard work, you can find ways to stand out from the crowd.

Click this link below to read the entire article by Ron Stewart


If you need a spiritual boost in your prayer life for a new job, visit


you are hired

Big Important Tip for Your Success

Writing down your goals and intentions will force you to clarify what YOU want.  Imagine going to the airport with no particular destination, time or date for departure or return?  You will get no where until you are specific and clear.  Your life is more critical than a trip.  Your life needs focus, intention and clarity.

writing down goals 2Writing down your goals forces you to select something specific and decide what you want for your life journey or simply your daily tasks.   Write down your goals as if you were placing an order for your goal to be manufactured in a factory or is if you were planning your ideal vacation. Writing down your clear and measurable goals (e.g. what, when, where, why, who) and revisiting them regularly will help you to stay on track.

If your goals are out of sight, they are out of your mind.  Keep your written goals visible and review them often.  Read my e-book “The Main Thing is to KEEP the Main Thing, The MAIN THING. $8..99  

No, you may not achieve all your goals in life, but you certainly increase your chances of achieving your small or big goals, if you write them down. So watch out for the distractions, doubt and procrastination. Stuff happens in life, so don’t be easily discouraged.
Life can be challenging and bring a lot of obstacles.  If you are not seeing progress in your life, it can be depressing.  So remember the habit of writing down your goals which allows you to see your progress and celebrate as you check off each mini-goal achieved.

success looks like this

     Ask Seek Knock – The Power of Asking

ask seek knock     What do you need?  Do you need help caregiving for a loved one?  Do you need to ask for job or close a sale?  Do you need help with your studies, web site or housework?  Do you need support in achieving a goal or a life coach?  Do you need a ride to the airport, your job, church, class or doctor’s visit?  Do you need parenting support or find a good lawyer, dentist or mechanic?  Do you need to ask for help in building your business or ministry?  Do you need to ask for a raise, a loan, an extension, scholarship, ticket to the game or concert?   Do you want to overcome an abusive relationship or ask to be apart of the team, choir, road trip or panel of authors?  Do you want a promotion or inform your mate that you want to select the next movie, restaurant, or vacation spot?  Do you want someone to stop disrespecting your dreams, talent, space, body, time, or money?
    There are many reasons why people are afraid to ask for what they want or need…
1. pride or shame
2. low self-esteem
3. fear of rejection
4. ignorance, lack of awareness
5. lack of faith
6. superwo(man) syndrome – I can do it myself
7. not specific, uncertain and poor communication skills
I write the year in the front page of the books I purchase.  This morning as I pondered what my topic would be today, my eyes fell on a book I bought and read in 1996 The Aladdin Factor by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.  The book warned readers that we pay a price when we don’t ask for what we want.  This book told story of how the University of Chicago received a grant from Mrs. Fields (Marshall Fields Department store fame and fortune).  The administration at Northwestern University was shocked to learn that she donated a million dollars to the University of Chicago.  How could this be?  Mrs. Fields lived in Evanston, Illinois the same place where Northwestern University is located and she had been a supporter in the past.  When the university officials called Mrs. Fields to discover why she had given the money to the University of Chicago rather than to them, she replied, “The people at the University of Chicago asked.  You didn’t.”
ask seek knock

     What is stopping you from asking, seeking and knocking on doors of  opportunities?       Sure, you may not get what you want the first time.  Don’t stop there.  Keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking.  

Keep the main thing…the MAIN THING.  

     Clarify your expectations.  The video below is a humorous and good example of the importance of being 

clear and specific when you are making a request of someone.   The more clear and specific you are …the more you will increase your chances of success.

by Jewel Diamond Taylor, www.DoNotGiveUp.net

You Have 2 Brains – Which one are you listening to?

Did you know your body has two (2) brains?  I was reminded of this medical revelation from an experience I had 20 years ago.  I was invited to inspire women living with HIV/Aids but I was the one who left encouraged after my brief encounter and hug from a sightless man who was there as one of the social workers.  I will always remember what this blind man said to me after finishing my keynote speech at a large health conference on a Tuesday in Southern California.  This sightless man stood patiently in my long book signing line to tell me something that has remained with me for 20 years.  When I doubt my purpose or ask God if I should stick with my passion when times are difficult or the speaking invitations come in slow… I remember what he said.  When I question my decision to quit my human resources job with a pay check every week to become self-employed…I remember what he said to me.  He did not see the dress I was wearing.    He did not see my performance of sign language to a Yolanda Adam’s song “Never Give Up.”  He did not see my handouts.   He did not see all the things I prepared to visually inspire and educate my audience.  He didn’t see all the external things that I took so much time planning for or worrying what other people saw or thought about me (e.g. how I looked, how I stood, what I was wearing, my printed handouts, my hair, my jewelry, my shoes, my nails, etc.)  This sightless man standing alone without any assistance but his cane said to me, “Thank you Jewel for following your golden gut.  You have touched my spirit.  I felt your energy and I am encouraged to go on.”  WOW!!  My golden gut!

Dr. Gershon, coined the term “second brain” in 1996.  He is one of many researchers who studies brain-gut connections.  The brain controls behavior. Butterflies in your stomach (gut) rise when the brain sends a message of anxiety to the gut, which sends messages back to the brain that it’s unhappy. But the gut has been referred to as your second brain.  Your gut is where you have feelings of being; guided, warned, nervous, sad, happy, in love, or depressed.  Your stomach (gut) dictates your mood and appetite.  Your gut feelings give you warnings and sometimes you may regretfully ignore what your gut (instincts) are telling you.  Your brain and “golden gut” are connected and communicate. My golden gut feeling (instincts, emotions, true north, God’s voice) guided me to quit my job and start my public speaking career in 1984.  Sometimes I question my decision.  But for the most part I’m glad I listened to my golden gut.  That sightless man saw in me the invisible.  He helped me to remember my “why” I wanted to make a difference.  I wanted the freedom of developing my own future.  I wanted to impact people’s lives in a positive way.  I wanted to express what God had revealed to me about love, faith, courage, wisdom, healing, self-esteem, resiliency, perseverance and purpose.  I had no mentors, no web site, no clue and no money but I began following my gut.

I consulted my first brain for logic and set a goal when I should begin my new golden career.  My first brain (mental) calls it risk taking.

My second brain (emotions) calls it a leap of faith.   My first brain wanted a plan.  My first brain was full of doubt and fear.  My second brain was full of excitement and gave me courage.  My second brain compelled me to follow my dream and my heart.   If you only listen to the logic in your first brain, the fear and rational thinking may paralyze you.  If you only listen to your second brain (emotions) without consulting your first brain (logic), you may impulsively make decisions you will soon regret.

What is your “golden gut” saying to you?  I hope you are inspired to discover the golden treasures and life purpose God has for you by listening to your second brain…your golden gut.  Pray that God will guide you to find your hidden golden treasures (Proverbs 2:4) ~ by Jewel Diamond Taylor


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