5 Personalities – Which one are you?

There are many personality type studies to help you navigate your relationships and give you insight to understand your own unique personality. Jewel shares her insights about some of the personalities she has encountered as a life coach.

Prepare To Answer Job Interview Questions

Humble How do you feel about this opportunity? What work experiences have you had that prepare you to be successful in this position? What do you see as your three greatest strengths? What do you think is your biggest weakness? How do you learn best? How would you describe your learning style? You’ve obviously accomplishedContinue reading “Prepare To Answer Job Interview Questions”

Divorce Survival Tips

Divorce can be a very messy, costly and stressful time.  I just wanted to share some helpful strategies for those in this dilemma from  experienced civil and family attorney Areva Martin  who offers her tips for how to protect yourself if you’re getting a divorce. Know your rights when it comes to spousal support, childContinue reading “Divorce Survival Tips”