Choices Matter

“Every minute…every day you are making choices that could bring you closer to achieving success, peace, financial growth, love, health and purposeful living. Today you will choose between good or unhealthy food choices (e.g. snacks or salad). You will choose between spending or saving. You will choose who to talk to, who to avoid orContinue reading “Choices Matter”

Spiritual Mood Swings

At some time in all of our lives, we will experience suffering, inconveniences, heart ache and stress. If our faith is not built up, we can find ourselves bi-polar in our faith. I admit there are times when my faith is extremely strong and unwavering. There have been times when my faith swung to theContinue reading “Spiritual Mood Swings”

This Horse Has a Powerful Message for You

“I live near many neighbors who own horses. While in the store the other day I talked with neighbor Karen in the store. She proudly showed me pictures of her three horses. She has one show horse Sabrina, another named Tahoe and the miniature horse Delilah who will never grow any taller (pink blanket). KarenContinue reading “This Horse Has a Powerful Message for You”

Big Important Tip for Your Success

Writing down your goals and intentions will force you to clarify what YOU want.  Imagine going to the airport with no particular destination, time or date for departure or return?  You will get no where until you are specific and clear.  Your life is more critical than a trip.  Your life needs focus, intention andContinue reading “Big Important Tip for Your Success”

Woulda Coulda Shoulda

It never fails that after every speech, sermon or session…I begin to have regrets about what I forgot to say. I critique and beat myself up at times thinking I could have presented my message better or in a different way. Together let’s commit to living our lives with a minimum of regrets.   WeContinue reading “Woulda Coulda Shoulda”

6 Things That Can Mess Up Your Life

There are so many factors that can rob you of peace, block your blessings and stop you from achieving your dreams and goals.  Below is a partial list of some of the most critical hindering factors: 1. People – Surround yourself with people of like mind, similar interests/values and who have a positive impact on yourContinue reading “6 Things That Can Mess Up Your Life”

ReEvaluate Your Relationships

You know it’s time re-evaluate and sometimes separate from people in your life…  . When the people around you question your assignment and they are jealous, insecure, instigate drama and can’t celebrate your success.  . When the people around you shake your ladder of success instead of holding it for you. . When they blowContinue reading “ReEvaluate Your Relationships”

You Have 2 Brains – Which one are you listening to?

Did you know your body has two (2) brains?  I was reminded of this medical revelation from an experience I had 20 years ago.  I was invited to inspire women living with HIV/Aids but I was the one who left encouraged after my brief encounter and hug from a sightless man who was there asContinue reading “You Have 2 Brains – Which one are you listening to?”