Don’t Give Up

You may feel your life is blessed …but in a mess.  You may feel your car is a lemon; your body image is ugly, your heart is broken and lonely, your life is on hold, your bank account is low, your faith is stretched to the limit, your job is stressful and your life won’t get any better than this.Continue reading “Don’t Give Up”

God’s Perfect Ways

“During troubled times you can have blessed assurance, perfect peace and a strong faith. If you can feel and really understand the words of Psalm 23, you will know why I say, “I am too blessed to be stressed”  The Lord is my Shepherd (perfect salvation). I shall not want (perfect satisfaction) He maketh toContinue reading “God’s Perfect Ways”


  (prayer for you to read for yourself – suggestion – read it out loud to yourself) Lord I thank you for new mercies, new strength and a new day. As I experience the trials, tests and tribulations of life, help me to stay in peace rather than fall to pieces. Help me not toContinue reading “WAITING IS A DIFFICULT DIVINE DELAY”