Contact Jewel Diamond Taylor

TEXT – 310.526.2552

CALL – 323.964.1736



Women On the Grow donations – Cashapp $gratefulJDT or

4 responses to “Contact Jewel Diamond Taylor”

  1. Hello Jewel. Michele Mouton here. Saw you in Baldwin Hills mall today at African Art Show. Is this the news letter you were referring to? I submitted my email. I offered to volunteer at any of your events as needed. I am lead to give back to your organization. Please call on me (323 333 6076) as needed or explain again how to contact you. I respect your time and busy schedule. In light and love. Thanks

  2. Willa Faye Johnson Avatar
    Willa Faye Johnson

    Hello, how can I be notified of upcoming events. I use to follow you years ago back in the 1990’s.

    1. Thank you so much Willa for visiting my website. When you send me your text number, I can add you to receive my weekly inspirational messages and calendar updates. You will receive a text alert and link. Have a blessed holiday.

  3. Hi My Name is April. I followed u for years. i first heard u on front page KJLH in 1999. I was sitting at home thinking about you i said to my friend your thought of the day helped me in most difficult time im so excited to reconnect with your thought of the day. How can me an two of my friends attend the Malibu retreat? We really need some self healing.

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