Sunday Filling Station Weekly Webinar

“I am growing as I am counseling.   I, too, am connecting the dots and realizing why I was a silent sufferer, people pleaser, an over-giver, and rescuer in my family and marriage.

I learned how to adapt to a childhood that was full of silence, secrets, low touch, a depressed mother, a social alcoholic, and insecure stepfather, and a household that shined on the outside but on inside there was pain.

It has taken time for me to see what emotional baggage I brought to my marriage.  My emotional backpack was full of suppressed pain, unexpressed needs, silent screams, and unspoken and unrealistic expectations. My marriage started to duplicate my parent’s marriage.

After experiencing the deep heartbreak of grief of my friends, family members, my parents, and my 38 year old son deaths, I am ready to share what my healing journey taught me about resiliency, moving forward, and re-calibrating my emotions, and strengthening my faith to combat prolonged and paralyzing depression.

Your good and bad memories remain in your body, mind, wounds, and heart.  Y ou can show up looking strong on the outside…but on the inside you are denying or hiding your grief, sadness, anger, shame, loneliness, resentments, and regrets.  It takes time, courage, and the right support to heal from a bad memory or trauma from; abuse, neglect, abandonment, poverty, divorce, and harassment on the job/police/teacher, dysfunction, secrets, and hurt from your childhood or past broken relationship.

I cannot count how many women I have had counseled, coached, listened to, and prayed with  them about their past hurt.  They are very sad or very mad, sick, full of shame or need medication to get through the day.  They have buried their emotions and stories to survive.  Instead of expressing their rage and pain, they turn the rage inward.

Whether you realize it or not, all emotions, suppressed or unexpressed, affect your finances, relationships, and most of all your health (e.g. physical, mental, and emotional).  Those hurt emotions (e.g. not feeling safe, loved, hugged, seen, encouraged, or acknowledged as a child) are a ticking bomb.

You can find yourself triggered by smells, sounds, a movie, a funeral, a wedding, your boss, your mate, an argument, demands of your time, exhaustion from caring for others, a baby crying, a holiday, an act of betrayal, broken promises, etc.

Are you tired of feeling stuck, angry, sad, tired, or sick?

Are you feeling like something needs to change?

Are you tired of feeling hopeless?

Do you feel like success, love, money, and happiness are calling you?

Every Sunday, 3 pm (Pacific) and 6 pm (Eastern) you are invited to hear Jewel reveal strategies, mindsets, and emotional wellness insights in Jewel’s signature zoom room “The Filling Station”.  This webinar experience will fill you up with wisdom, encouragement, empowerment, faith, hope, and a sense of connection to like-minded women.

Only $21 per person.  Once you register by CashApp- $GratefulJDT or click here for paypal you will receive the link and password to enter.   Be sure to include your current email address.  Read the benefits of attending below this video message.

Benefits you will gain:

New knowledge, insight, revelation, and aha moments of clarity to realize your worth, possibilities, and peace of mind.

. Your communication skills will be enhanced to get results.

. You will gain a new perspective of hope, self-worth, confidence, and releasing of blame and shame.

. Tools for creating a new normal
. Your health can improve because you will sleep better, reduce your stress, and arrest those thieves of procrastination, anger, depression, and exhaustion.
. You will learn how to re-prioritize your personal goals and self-care without apology or feeling selfish.
. You will experience a liberating feeling of joy and satisfaction.
. You will experience a new vision and purpose to live your best life.
. You will gain the tools to stop any self-harming habits and develop a mindset for healing, success, and renewal.
. You will experience more momentum with your goals to accomplish your professional goals.
. You will feel more confident in your problem-solving skills.


4 Replies to “Sunday Filling Station Weekly Webinar”

  1. In this fast-paced world of more time spent on devices than with each other, the Sunday filling station is so important and one’s growth is a wonderful result of meeting with women who are all growing too! Thank God for Dr. Jewel’s masterful facilitation. Everybody wins!

  2. When will you be speaking in Chicago or nearby midwestern city.
    We need you too in the Heartland
    Theresa Love Wayne

    1. Thank you so much Theresa for your inquiry. It has been a while since I’ve spoken in the Chicago area. The closest I will be soon is speaking in Des Moines, Iowa for a women’s conference May 4-5, 2018. If you know of any churches or conferences in your area that I could connect with…let me know.

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