FaithLift Exercise

    “Your stress and past hurts can be compared to a weight barbell. Imagine yourself lying on your back and having a heavy barbell placed on your chest.
     Do you become strong by allowing it to stay on your chest? No! You become strong when you push it up and away from you.

      Your faith works the same way as your arms. Your faith becomes stronger when you push the trial away from you, not when you allow the trial to stay on you.

       Don’t allow your mind and spirit to be crushed by the weight of your stress or the pain from your past.  Constant stress and internal emotional pain will have a heavy toll on your body, mind, health, relationships, job performance, joy and spirit.  When you find yourself faced with  insurmountable obstacles, pain, trauma, tragedy, or loss…push.  Lift your head and exercise your faith.  Lift the weight of depression, worry, panic, anger, pessimism and fear. Exercise your personal power to speak life into your circumstances.  Exercise your mind to seek solutions and peace.  Exercise your physical  body.   Reduce the impact of your stress with movement, breathing, a sense of humor, prayer, meditation, good rest, healthy food, drinking water and daily health supplements.

       Practice “safe stress”.  Just as weight lifting builds muscle.  A faith lift builds confidence, peace and trust in the Lord.  Let God be the LIFTER of your head… click here to listen to my inspirational pick.” ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor

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