When God is Silent


“Do you remember taking tests in school and/or college?  Do you remember how quiet the room was?  Do you remember how the teacher would seat quietly at his/her desk saying nothing!  Did your teacher ever walk around the room looking over the shoulders of the students to see how they were doing?  Do you remember sitting in your seat staring at the problem feeling stuck, stupid, stressed, overwhelmed and unprepared?  Did you ever think to yourself, “This test is unfair?”

I believe as adults we have tests of life.  We are all students at the “The University of Adversity.” Our honesty is tested.  Our loyalty is tested.  Our faith is tested.  Our patience is tested.  Our character is tested.  Our love is tested. Our leadership and parenting are tested.  Our marriages are tested.  Our promises and commitments are tested.  Our compassion for others is tested. Our self-control is tested.  Our ability to let go and move forward is being tested.  Our ability to forgive is being tested.  Our self-esteem is tested.  Our trust in God is tested.  I think that maybe God is quiet and watching to see if we are prepared and ready.

You may be going through a test right now and thinking God is silent and forsaking you.  You may be sitting in life’s waiting room waiting for a breakthrough. The silence maybe frightening (i.e. what will I do?…help me God…I don’t know the answer!).  God’s word says, “Be still and know that I AM God.”  I think we give up too soon when are going through a test of our faith.  Our mind plays tricks on us and we think we are all alone and that God does not care or God is taking too long to help us figure out our mess and our problems.  God is watching.  Don’t give up.  Pass your test of endurance, faith and temptation.  Do the right thing.  You are smarter than you think.”

Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him. (James 1:2-12)


Today’s Monday Motivation message is an excerpt from the CD “The 12 Seats in God’s Waiting Room”  by Jewel Diamond Taylor
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2 responses to “When God is Silent”

  1. I needed this word I reading and praying wadaiting it quiet

  2. This is such an inspiring piece. It touched on some very important points that I am currently experiencing and provided me with some much needed wisdom and encouragement. Thanks Jewel, you are truly a Godsend.

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