Jewel’s Book/CD Store

cover wisdom for womenclick here to purchase your copy of Wisdom for Women $15.00



$15.00 click here to purchase your copy of Success Gems



Click here to order your copy “Shift Happens” $18.50

         Image may contain: text and outdoor   So many women are glad I wrote this book because it shares wisdom about all types of relationships (e.g. marriage, dating, friendship, parenting, people pleasing, paying attention to warning signs of abuse, desperation, recovering from a broken heart, guarding your heart, etc.) Click here to purchase your copy of

Follow Your Heart…But Take Your Brain With You

GODfidence book cover


Click here to order your copy Over 200 encouraging prayers and affirmations to begin or end your day with faith, power and peace. $18.50



Image may contain: 2 people, text

Enjoy and excel with Jewel’s “Motivational Gumbo Mix” CD

(mix of music, motivation, encouragement, steps for success, breaking chains of procrastination/fear, increase your faith and self-esteem) click here to order CD $10 

cover-designated-survivorYou Are the Designated Survivor: You are Too Blessed to Be Stressed (Jewel’s classic book “You Are Too Blessed to Be Stressed” has been updated and now includes a powerful additional message to inspire and help her readers cope with stress and the inevitable obstacles and challenges life brings.)  $17.50

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