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You will have many great “aha” moments, “WOW” moments and “Thank you God!” moments from this popular, mind-growing, faith building, confidence boosting and heart healing book full of pearls of wisdom.

Book – PowHERfull Inspiration

by Jewel Diamond Taylor 158 pages $17.99 plus shipping/hdlg $4.50


Would you prefer Jewel’s latest book in e-book (pdf) format to read on your tablet/phone/computer today? Add this mind-growing, easy to read, keeping-it-real  book of pearls of wisdom to help you discover more clarity, more faith, more courage, more secrets for your success, more emotional wellness, more happiness and more confidence in your personal library today.


e-book Wisdom for Women

your copy will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment…make sure your email address is current with the payment.


cover too blessed



How to Live and Feel Too Blessed to Be Stressed





 Success Gems (0ut of stock)


book cover Shift happens



e-Book “Shift Happens”


Follow Your Heart…But Take Your Brain With You




e-book – Follow Your Heart But Take Your Brain with You

by Jewel Diamond Taylor your copy will be emailed to you after purchase, be sure to check your spam folder and send accurate email address for delivery







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